Beta Updater Stuck? Here’s a Solution

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Many players are having trouble downloading the latest beta patches with the FFXIV updater. It frequently gets stuck at 90-99% and it understandably frustrating. Here’s a simple solution how you can “fix” it.

First, navigate to your Final Fantasy XIV beta folder on your PC. Typically, it should be something like this:

C: > Users > [Your User] > My Documents > My Games > FINAL FANTASY XIV Beta Version > downloads > ffxiv-beta

There should be two folders inside: “bca2a8ae” and “d96437e6″. Check which patch your updater is trying to download and find a .torrent file with the same name (eg. D2010.09.02.2000, D2010.09.02.2001). Next, run the .torrent file with your favorite Bittorrent client and download the patch manually. It might even go faster, and it certainly won’t stuck! I personally use uTorrent but there are plenty more which are both free and good.

Once you’ve finished downloading the patch, find and delete or replace the unfinished patch in one of the aforementioned folders with the one you downloaded directly via torrent. Fire up your FFXIV Launcher and the patching should be complete.

Square Enix’s downloader might get stuck again, in which case you can always download the patches this way. Hope this helps!

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