Chrono FFXIV Mastery Guide Review

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Chrono website and guide are no longer available for download, I recommend you see my review of Killer Guide for a better alternative!

Chrono FFXIV Mastery Guide just got released today and I immediately picked up a copy. Fortunately, it was well worth it as this almost guide beats previously reviewed Killerguides in all aspects.

The guide is written by an expert gamer who not only has previous experience with many MMORPG games including Final Fantasy, but also with writing strategy and leveling guides for those games. He’s the author of the top-selling and top-rated Aion, Warhammer Online and other guides, and his FF14 Mastery Guide is right up there with its contents and quality.

Chrono’s guide has detailed leveling paths for Gridania, Limsa Lominsa and Ul’dah. All areas and quests are covered and you’ll have absolutely no downtime if you follow this leveling guide. It will indeed help you level up incredibly fast with its optimized leveling path, quest locations and battle strategies. It’s definitely the best leveling resource I’ve come across so far.

Much like the previously mentioned Killerguides guide, Chronos guide is also actually a strategy guide, containing many useful tips, tricks, secrets and strategies you simply don’t want to miss. A comprehensive Gil guide is included in Chrono pack and even though I have yet to try many of the gil making strategies explained inside I’m confident I’ll have more than enough gil with very little effort. So far I’ve been doing far better than I expected.

In addition the Chrono Mastery Guide contains very detailed information about guildleves, battle strategies, monster farming, recipes, gathering and mining guides, crafting guide and a lot more. I just wish I could include some of those chapters on this site for everyone to see but unfortunately you’ll have to download the guide yourself if you want to read it. There’s also several misc tutorials, and a comprehensive FAQ which every FF14 player should read.

Overall I doubt there will ever be another guide which will beat Chrono guide in quality, especially because it’s constantly updated with fresh content, which is of course free. Killerguides however is a fantastic alternative as it contains just as many guides and tips as Chrono does. I sincerely recommend reading this guide as it’s the number one Final Fantasy 14 information source with more content than all databases and blogs combined.

Chrono website and guide are no longer available for download, I recommend you see my review of Killer Guide for a better alternative!

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