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Final Fantasy 14 allows players to change between classes seamlessly using what Square Enix have termed the ‘Armoury System’. In this system, whenever you equip a different weapon or tool that is not in your current class, you will instantly change to that class.

Classes are categorised in to four broad ‘Disciple’ categories, which contain multiple classes that represent the direction you are taking your character in. Breaking the hierarchy down further, each class contains multiple skills.

A players main class will be determined by the skills that are at the highest levels. The purpose of this system is to allow players to define their own job based on a conglomeration of skills of their own choosing, rather than the game restricting to a certain path, as has been the case with MMORPGs in the past.

With this system, players are given an infinite amount of flexibility as to which skills make up their character and it will also mean that there will be a vast difference amongst players in the game due to the differing sets of skills that different players will focus on. This is a huge different to current games in which you may encounter several Warrior/Monks, which are all essentially the same character aside from a few skill preferences.

Classes will all be allowed to be of a high level, no matter what class they are from. Therefore in theory, you could max out every skill in the game without affecting any other classes.

On the official site, you are guided through a life in the day of ‘Leeroy’, a fictional character who changes his class on a regular basis. This is there to give you an idea of how you can quickly adapt your character to different situations. Leeroy starts the day as a Gladiator and receives an invitation to join a party with his friends, however they already have a lot of physical power in the team. Therefore, Leeroy dons a staff which changes his class to a Thaumaturge, which makes him a Disciple of Magic. Leeroy then wants to fish, so he equips a fishing rod, and making him a Fisherman, which makes him a Disciple of the Land. There are a few more classes changes Leeroy indulges in which you can read on the official site.

Available disciples / classes:

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