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Whetting appetites from dawn until dusk with prowess of pot and pan, culinarians provide more than simple sustenance. Armed with a cornucopia of ingredients from across the realm, and versed methods from the far corners of Hydaelyn, these master chefs help adventurers maintain their strength on the battlefield, bringing truth to the age-old adage that the road to victory truly does run through one’s stomach.

Although an established trade far before recorded history, it wasn’t until half a century ago when Limsa Lominsan admiral and self-proclaimed gourmand, Guolskyf Bhaldwaensyn, known by the masses as “Mastcleaver,” put forth a thalassocratic decree proclaiming the culinary arts a guildworthy craft. Henceforth, it has been recognized across Eorzea as a legitimate member of the Tradescraft Society – its recipe compendiums now grace the shelves of every librarium in the realm.



  • Harmonize
  • Hasty Hand
  • Brand of Water


Item Name Materials Rank
Boiled Egg Chicken Egg x1, Mineral Water x1, Fire Shard x1 0
Dried Prune Pixie Plums x1, Ice Shard x1 10
Frumenty Pearl Ginger x1, Sunset Wheat x1, Raisin x1, Honey x1, Aldgoat Milk x1, Mineral Water x1, Cinammon x1, Fire Shard x1 1
Grilled Carp Maiden Carp x1, Table Salt x1, Fire Shard x1 0
Grilled Trout Maiden Trout x1, Table Salt x1, Fire Shard x1 0
Grilled Trout Rainbow Trout x1, Nutmeg x1, Table Salt x1, Fire Shard x1 5
Jerked Beef Buffalo Sirloin x1, Table Salt x1, Black Pepper x1, Sagolii Sage x1, Nutmeg x1, Ice Shard x2 15
Landtrap Salad Blue Landtrap Leaf x1, La Noscean Lettuce x1, Wild Onion x1, Ruby Tomato x1, Olive Oil x1, Table Salt x1, Wind Shard x2 0
Maple Sugar Maple Syrup x1, Ice shard x1, Fire shard x1 8
Marmot Steak Marmot Meat x1, Wild Onion x1, Garlean Garlic x1, Lavender Oil x1, Saltmoor Leek x1, Cider Vinegar x1, Fire Shard x2 10
Orange Juice La Noscea Orange x4, Lightning Shard x1 0
Pie Dough Sunset Wheat Flour x1, Salted Butter x1, Table Salt x1, Mineral Water x1, Earth Shard x2, Water Shard x1 0
Rabbit Pie Pie Dough x1, Coerthas Carrot x1, Marmot Meat x1, Wild Onion x1, Black Pepper x1, Sour Red x1, Fire Shard x2 10
Raisins Lowland Grapes x1, Ice Shard x1 0
River Sand Freshwater Fare x1, Wind Shard x1 0
Salt Cod Tiger Cod x1, Table Salt x1, Ice Shard x1 0
Sea Sand Seawater Fare x1, Wind Crystal x1 0
Spinach Saute Cieldalaes Spinach x1, Garlean Garlic x1, Salted Butter x1, Button Mushroom x1, Table Salt x1, Black Pepper x1, Mineral Water x1, Fire Shard x1 5
Sweet Cream Buffalo Milk x1, Maple Sugar x1 15


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