Free FFXIV Beginners Leveling Guide

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The following leveling guide is aimed at beginners in Final Fantasy XIV who want to quicken the leveling process in the first few hours. It’s written by, so be sure to give them credit for it!

I know lots of you probably haven’t done the starting quests of Ul’dah or Gridania in FFXIV, so why not use a guide and bypass the imminent headaches associated with these new quests? First, we are going to cover ‘Some Like it Hot’, the starting quest of Ul’dah. Afterward, we will visit Gridania and take on ‘The Color of Sin’. There’s definitely a lot to cover, so let’s kick things off already!

Ul’dah Leveling Guide

Some Like it Hot

Rank Level: 1+
Starting NPC: Momodi
Starting Location: Ul’dah
Total reward: 32,000 gil

Once you are fully escorted into Ul’dah, you should be conveniently located in The Quicksand. Once you are here, go and have a talk with Mimodi when you are ready.

After a brief cutscene, she will first send you to Camp Black Brush for Aetheryte attunement, with linkpearl in hand. In order to get there, exit the Gate of Nald on Ul’dah’s north end. Once you leave, follow the road north a bit until you see Camp Black Brush on the east side.

Once you arrive, open your menu and click on the ‘Aetheryte’ tab. You will get a notification via Linkpearl that Momodi secretly gave you a free guildleve! From the Aetheryte menu, select ‘Initiate Levequest’, and activate the levequest. New players should stick to the 1-star difficulty, while more experienced ones should be able to solo it on 2-stars.

Use the minimap to guide you to the levequest mob locations. All mobs relevant to the levequest will appear as flashing red dots on the minimap, so get to killing!

Now that you are finished, wait for the Aetheryte to appear before you move anywhere. Open the menu, and teleport back to Camp Black Brush to finish things. Reward: 1,000 gil.

Now it’s time to return to The Quicksand and speak to Mimodi once more. Select ‘Some Like it Hot’ when given the option, and you will be ready for the next part of the main quest.

Now it’s time to get yourself familiarized with the Guilds of Ul’dah. First, make your way to Eshtaime’s Lapidaries (Goldsmiths Guild) and turn in your Velodnya Cosmos. Once you enter, have a talk with Elecotte and watch him appraise your item in a brief cutscene. Reward: 1,000 gil.

Next, make your way to the Coliseum (Gladiators’ Guild), to turn in your Coliseum Pass. As you approach the door, a brief cutscene will begin. Afterward, head down the stairs and open the door from the Menu. Make sure you are prepared, proceed to kick some serious Eorzean booty!

Whether you win or lose, another cutscene will begin right after the fight is over. Immediately thereafter, venture up the stairs and sit through another quick sequence.

Now it’s time to open your Linkpearl and report back to Momodi. Now it’s time to venture southeast and pay a visit to Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern (Miners’ Guild). Once there, talk to Linette and select ‘Some Like it Hot’ as your topic of conversation, and you will be treated with another cutscene.

It appears that some drunkards got the place all riled up, and is your job to stop it through usage of emotes. This part is very confusing, so please refer to this cheat sheet.

Use the following emotes on F’lhaminn:

  1. Furious
  2. Beckon
  3. Laugh
  4. Deny
  5. Upset
  6. Soothe

Use 1, 3, 6 on the Manic one.
Use 2, 4, 5 on the Maddened one.

Go speak to F’lhaminn once more and sit through the cutscene. She wants you to escort her to Camp Black Brush, head out the Gate of Nald and into Central Thanalan. You have 30 minutes to escort her to the Aetheryte, but you hardly need that. Just keep close to her and you seriously can’t fail. Once you approach the camp, another brief cutscene will commence. Immediately thereafter, approach the crowd and enjoy watching another sequence of events. There’s not much you can do for now, so get back to the Miners’ Guild and get some compensation for the escort. Reward: 20,000 gil.

Open your Linkpearl and update Momodi on the situation. She wants you to visit the Phronistery (Alchemists’ Guild), which is located on the upper level of Ul’dah. Once you arrive, walk down the stairs and enter the door, located at the rear wing. Once inside, have a quick talk with Faustigeant.

Now it is your job to survey the sick rooms, so locate the Well-washed Leech and go through the door closest to him. After the final cutscene of ‘Some Like it Hot’, open your Linkpearl and have a talk with Momodi. Go back to her and you are officially finished! Reward: 10,000 gil.

P.S. For a complete Ul’dah leveling guide see Chrono!

Gridania Leveling Guide

The Color of Sin

Before we get started, I would like to thank Wintersdance for taking the time to make the awesome guide you are about to read.

Rank Level: 1+
Starting NPC: Lonsygg
Starting Location: Gridania
Total reward: 32,000 gil

Speak to Lonsygg for a brief dialog and he will escort you out of the opening area and in to the Carline Canopy. Upon entering, you will immediately be in a cut scene.

After the cut scene is over you will have entered an Instance (mode). You can speak to any of the NPCs for information. Speaking to Miounne will start the next cut scene. Miounne will show you on your map your next destination, Camp Bentbranch, and she will also issue you the NPC Linkpearl to speak to her with.

Head out to Camp Bentbranch by exiting out of the South East gate to the Central Forest. If you aren’t yet familiar with the location, take a quick look at the map.

Once at Camp Bentbranch, approach the Aetheryte and using the Mneu button, click on the Aetheryte to interact with it. You will receive a message from Miounne telling you that she slipped a Levequest in to your bag. Go in to your Menu and click on the Aetheryte again. Next select “Initiate Levequest” from the menu. Select the Leve, “Spore Spoor” and then choose the difficulty level. If you are doing this alone, choose Solo.

Using the mini-map, proceed to the area to fight your Levequest mobs. You can tell which mobs are yours by the glowing red circles in the min-map and the also the notepad type icon next to the mobs names when you approach them.

After the battle, a Aetheryte will appear. Select it from the menu again to complete your quest and head back to Camp Bentbranch using the free provided teleport. Your reward for doing this is 1000 gil.

Now head back to the Carline Canopy in Gridania and speak to Miounne again. You most likely will need to speak to her twice. Note: Always select the Color of Sin choice when given the option.

Miounne now tells you to head to the Stillgalde Fane to perform the purification rites. Using your map, this will be the Conjurers Guild at the upper part of the map. Head up to the Conjurers Guild and speak to the NPC Soileine first, then proceed to the back of the chamber for a cut scene.

After the cut scene, you will be in an Instance again. Speak to Swethyna for the next cut scene. After the cut scene, head over to the Leather Craft Guild and speak to Hereward for the next cut scene. Reward: 1000 gil.

After the cut scene, speak to Miounne again using the NPC Linkpearl in your menu. Miounne tells you that the Growery has summoned you and you are to head there next. You can find the Greatloam Growery on your map or you can use the Journal and select the Color of Sin quest. Once you open that quest, you can select the Map button to see where your next destination is.

Once you enter the Growery, speak to Opyltyl to start the next cut scene. After the cut scene, you will enter an Instance and will need to speak to the following NPCs and perform the required Dance move (emote). Target each NPC and do the following emote on them:

Ryd: use Surprised
Aunillie: use Beckon
Sansa: use Bow
Powle: use Cheer
Nicoliaux: use Clap
Elyn: use Lookout

After the last emote is done, you will reenter a cut scene with Fufucha. After the cut scene you will once again enter an Instance. Approach the group of NPC kids for a cut scene. After the cut scene, head over to the White Wolf gate. Head out of the South West exit in town to the Central Forest.

Head out in to the Forest. Once you reach the spot located on the map, you will receive the option to select Duty Call. Select Yes. Here you will enter in to an Instance Escort quest. Follow closely to Powle to protect them from the Anklebiter mobs that pop up.

These mobs are very weak and can be killed in 2 hits. Don’t get too far behind or ahead of Powle or you may accidentally leave the Instance and have to restart it. After arriving to your destination, you will enter a cut scene. After the cut scene, you will be in an Instance, proceed forward for another cut scene. After the cut scene head back to the NPC Mummer for another cut scene. After the cut scenes are done, head back to the Greatloam Growery in Gridania for another cut scene as soon as you enter the Growery. Reward: 20,000 gil.

After the cut scene and the very generous reward, use the NPC Linkpearl to speak to Miounne. She tells you to head over to the Wailing Barracks next. Head over to the Lancers Guild and speak to Willelda for a cut scene. After head to the back room and speak to Burchard. Once you enter the Instance, talk to Burchard again once you ‘re ready. After you enter another Instance in the back room, speak to Nuala. After the cut scene is over, use the NPC Linkpearl to speak to Miounne. She wants you to head back to the Carline Canopy and see her.

Head over to the Carline Canopy and speak to Miounne. Reward: 10,000 gil and The Color of Sin quest is completed!

Hopefully this will make your initial journeys in Final Fantasy XIV easier. Don’t forget, if you’re looking for a more detailed and complete leveling guide for FFXIV see my review of Chrono Guide!

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