Character Attributes

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One of SE’s biggest mistakes in FFXI was their base stat allocation toward each race. Certain races were more inclined to play a specific job, and if you didn’t pick the right race, you would have to live with it.

This time around, we can rest assured in knowing SE has fixed things for the better. In FFXIV, all races are created equally in the attributes department. Every player starts with 15 points across the board, and will obtain 8 more with each level gained. You are also free to allocate the points in any way of your choosing, so no more racial regret!


For each level gained, you will be awarded 8 Attribute Points to allocate in any way of your choosing. Here is a brief rundown for each attribute to help you out:

  • Strength (STR)– physical attack power.
  • Vitality (VIT) – physical defense.
  • Dexterity (DEX) – attack accuracy.
  • Intelligence (INT) – magical attack power.
  • Mind (MND) – magical defense.
  • Piety (PIE) – magical accuracy.

Depending on your discipline, you should allocate the attributes based on what you think is beneficial. For example, a Gladiator’s might spend his points in a manner such as this:

Elemental Attributes

If Attribute Points wasn’t enough, you also get 8 Elemental Resistance points per level. Each point spent increases resistance against a given element, all the while giving you more attack power with it as well. Now for the elemental breakdown:

  • Fire beats ice, but loses to wind.
  • Ice beats wind, but loses to fire.
  • Wind beats fire, but loses to ice.
  • Earth beats lightning, but loses to water.
  • Lightning beats water, but loses to earth.
  • Water beats earth, but loses to lightning.

Still confused? Take a look at the chart below!

Reassigning your Attributes

As you come to change Disciplines, you will probably want to reassign them. In order to do this, go to the ‘Attributes’ tab and hit the ‘Reassign’ button. Currently, you can only reassign a small fraction of your points at a time. Each reassignment comes with a 30 minute cooldown, and it will take upwards of 90 minutes to fully re-spec your attributes.

That being said, make sure you spent your Attribute Points wisely!

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