Character Customization

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Final Fantasy XIV features a simple, yet comprehensive character creation system which allows players to customize their avatars.  Once a race and clan have been selected, players can proceed to choose from a wide variety of face types and hair styles.  From there, detailed adjustments can be made to hair, skin, and eye color, as well as mouth, nose, and eye shape. A character’s sense of individuality may be enhanced even further with the addition of such features as scars and tattoos. The possibilities are almost endless.

The following are currently available character customization options:

  • Race
  • Clan or tribe
  • Sex
  • Size
  • Voice
  • Skin tone
  • Hair details – color, style and highlights
  • Facial details – face, eyebrows, eye shape, iris size, eye color, nose, mouth, and features.
  • Characteristics – scars, earrings, tattoo, and other accessories

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