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Linkshells (think something as guilds) are community groups that can be created by any player using an item also known as a linkshell, which can be purchased from the NPC A’shakkal at the Drowning Wench, the Adventurers’ Guild in Limsa Lominsa, and from NPC Sesebaru at The Quicksand, the Adventurers’ Guild in Ul’dah.

First, you will have to pick a name for your linkshell. Names can be anywhere from 3-31 alphanumeric characters in length. You can also include spaces in your linkshell name, just as long as they aren’t used in succession.

  • A single character can join up to eight linkshells.
  • A single linkshell can have a maximum of 128 members.
  • A linkshell’s name can be up to 31 alphanumeric characters long.

Once your name has been chosen, it is time to pick yourself a linkshell crest. Currently, there are 58 crest motifs at your disposal.

As you may have noticed, all crests are comprised of two colors. You are allowed to combine any two colors to make your crest truly unique, so long as the colors are different.

Now that your color choice is finalized, your linkshell is officially created. All you have do do is equip the Linkpearl, and begin your recruiting process.

Chatting in Linkshells

As you may have guessed, any chat made in the linkshell window can only be seen by its members. If you wish to chat in the linkshell, simply press ‘/l’, followed by a space and your message. I would also recommend you set ‘linkshell’ as your default method of chat. Simply type ‘/chatmode l’ you will be set.

All linkshell messages are green in color, and each different linkshell has a number assigned to it. For example, a message from your primary linkshell will have the number one between brackets (i.e. [1] – This is the linkshell message.)

Managing Linkshells

Linkshell Administration Linkshells are made up of masters, leaders, and members. Linkshell administration is only handled by masters and leaders.

Powers allotted to masters:

  • Disbanding the linkshell
  • Altering the linkshell’s crest
  • Inviting new members
  • Promoting members to leaders, demoting leaders to members
  • Exiling members and leaders from the linkshell

Powers allotted to leaders:

  • Inviting new members
  • Exiling members from the linkshell

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