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One of the most important things you should learn throught your Eorzean adventures are the many of the invaluable text commands. All of them begin with a casual stroke of the ‘/’ key, and the sky is truly the limit from there. Today, you are going to learn some of the most beneficial text commands in the fields of chat, partying and battling. After all is said and done, you will be well on your way to becoming one of FFXIV’s premier texting machines!

Learning to Chat

Communication is key in FFXIV, so learning the chat commands is an absolute must. The following will probably be most useful chat commands you will ever use in striking up a conversation:

Basic Chat Commands

  • /say(/s) [message] – Sends a message to all Player Characters (PC’s) within a small radius.
  • /shout(/sh) [message] – Shouts a message to all PC’s within a large radius.
  • /tell(/t) [name] [message] – Sends a message to a specific PC on your server. Just make sure you put a space between the first and last name.

Group Chat Commands

  • /party(/p) [message] – Sends a message to all members in a party.
  • /linkshell(l) [message] – Sends a message to all members of your linkshell
  • /chatmode [chat mode] – Changes the default chat mode. Liberally change between party and linkshell depending on which has the most in-game relevance at any given time.

Joining the Party

Now that you have learned to properly communicate with other players, you should be ready to get involved in a party!

Party Commands

  • /pcmd add – Invites the targeted NPC to your party. You should be able to invite players from a distance in future versions of FFXIV, but this feature is not yet implemented.
  • /pcmd oust [name] – Removes the selected player from your party. Can also be accomplished by targeting the player.
  • /pcmd leave – Leave your party
  • /pcmd disband – Disbands your party
  • /join – Accepts a party invite
  • /decline – Declines a party invite

Engaging in Battle

I frequently hear people saying ‘If you fail to plan, then plan to fail.’ In FFXIV, all important battles should start out with a proper plan, and will make all the difference between life and death in Eorzea!

Battle Preparatory Commands

  • /battleregimen(/br) [on/off] – Enables your Battle Regimen.
  • /equipaction(/eaction) [slot] [action name] – Equips an action to a specified slot. If an action name is omitted, the action currently equipped to that slot will be removed. Basic class actions cannot be removed. Slots are designated by the numbers 1-30. Especially useful in class changing macros.

Don’t get into the habit of relying on the messy tab-targeting system in FFXIV. Use the available targeting commands instead, and your battles will become much simpler and easier.

Targeting Commands

  • /targetnpc – Targets the closest NPC within the nearest radius.
  • /targetpc – Targets the closest PC within the nearest radius.
  • /lockon – Locks onto the desired target. Re-type this if you wish to break the lock
  • /enemysign [number (1-8)] [target] – Mark the selected target with the sign of your choosing. Signs are designated by the numbers 1-8.

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