Market Wards

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Market Wards

Market wards are dedicated districts where adventurers can meet to buy and sell goods, or even summon a retainer to operate a bazaar in their stead. Each city-state has a markets ward composed of twenty identical areas that players may enter and leave at their leisure. Even if you exit the ward or log out of the game completely, your retainer will staunchly continue to peddle your wares.


Upon approaching a stand in a market ward, a Stand option will appear in the Interactions menu. By paying a fee out of pocket, players can summon a retainer to operate a bazaar. Retainers who have been tasked with operating bazaars cannot be summoned from the Interactions menu. Speak with one of your retainers operating a bazaar to exchange items or manage your bazaar.

Managing a Stand

You can perform the following actions by approaching a stand you are leasing and accessing the Interactions menu.

  • Ending a Stand Lease: the stand’s lease will end and your retainer will leave the area. None of the money you paid will be refunded, regardless of how much time was left on your lease.
  • Changing a Stand’s Appearance: change the appearance of your leased stand.
  • Renewing a Stand Lease: renew your stand lease by paying an additional fee.

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