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Retainers are useful NPCs who provide invaluable support in your adventuring endeavors. They can be employed on an extendable contract basis to perform myriad tasks such as minding your items and money or operating bazaars, just to name a few. Players may hire the services of a retainer at the Drowning Wench-the Adventurers’ Guild’s base of operations-in Limsa Lominsa.

To call upon a retainer, take your character near to one of several summoning bells located in each city-state. Once there, select the Retainer command from the system menu. Note that during the Beta Test, employing a retainer will not incur a fee.

Retainer Commands

You can perform the following commands with a retainer you have summoned.

  • Exchanging Items: entrust your retainer with items or gil for safe-keeping or take back items or gil you had given to your retainer. You can entrust your retainer with up to eighty items.
  • Dealing in Bazaar: task your retainer with selling items entrusted or buying more of the same item. You can set the sales prices however you like, but the prices cannot exceed the amount of gil with which your retainer has been entrusted. Even if you have set up a bazaar, unless you conclude your orders, the retainer will not set up the bazaar for operation.
  • Releasing a Retainer: release the retainer from your service. The moment your retainer has been released, all items and gil with which the retainer had been entrusted will be lost.
  • Dismissing a Retainer: the retainer will cease all tasks and leave the area.
  • Concluding Orders: after you have concluded your orders, the retainer will stay in place until told otherwise. This command only appears when you have summoned your retainer in a market ward. You will not be able to summon a retainer who has been ordered to stay in place until that retainer has been dismissed.

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  1. Joe says:

    What are the requirements to be able to hire retainers? I tried getting one but the vendor says I need to prove myself a worthy adventurer.

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