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FFXIV World MapEorzea is the main continent within the world of Hydaelyn and is where the players will begin the game. It contains the three starter cities of Limsa Lominsa, Ul’dah and Gridania. There is also Ishgard, Ala Mhigo and one other town.

Limsa Lominsa can be found on the large island to the left of the mainland with its surrounding region of La Noscea. Ul’dah is the city located in the desert in the south of the mainland while Gridania is located in the forest in the centre of the map. Ishgard is the city in the mountains to the left of Gridania and Ala Mhigo is to the right. The Garlean Empire can be seen in the northeast corner of the map.

This continent will be the only region available at launch, with the world expanded in future updates. Based on the size of Limsa Lominsa and La Noscea in the beta version we are expecting a massive world to explore.

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