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Rifts along the surface of Hydaelyn can cause “leaks” from which the planet’s lifeblood, aether, can escape. By harnessing the power from concentrated deposits known as “aetheryte,” the residents of Eorzea have seen a marked improvement in everyday life. Below is a list of the three most common types of aetheryte, and their benefits.

Aetheryte Crystals

Aetheryte Crystal

Located in towns and camps, these giant crystalline objects are most often used as the starting places of levequests, due to their accessibility. Upon approaching an aetheryte crystal, an Aetheryte option will appear in the system menu. Selecting this will automatically do four things:

  1. Restore all HP and MP (as long as you are not fighting a monster or bound by duty).
  2. Set the aetheryte as your home point (to where you will return when warping).
  3. Register the location to your teleport list (first visit only), thereby allowing you to teleport to that aetheryte whenever you choose.
  4. Give you the option to begin any levequests in your possession originating from that location.

In addition to the above, playing tips can be browsed at an aetheryte crystal.

Aetherial Gates

Aetherial GatesAetherial gates are permanent discharges of aether located in various places around Eorzea. While not as concentrated as aetheryte crystals, the gates can still be used to instantly restore HP and MP (as long as you are not fighting a monster or bound by duty), and set your home point.

Aetherial Nodes

Aetherial Node

Aetherial nodes are temporary phenomena which usually appear only after completing a levequest and can be selected from the Interactions menu. They can be used to teleport instantly back to the aetheryte crystal at which a player began that quest. Only players who took part in the levequest can access the nodes, which will fade if not used promptly.

Returning and Teleporting

Players can expend anima—their character’s spiritual energy—to instantaneously travel to aetheryte crystals and aetherial gates.


At the cost of two anima points, players can return to their previously set home points at any time by selecting the Return option from the main menu. However, if a player is participating in a levequest, selecting this option at that time will result in teleportation back to the aetheryte crystal or aetherial gate used to activate the quest. The Return command can also be used at no cost while KO’d to revive your character.


By selecting Teleport from the main menu, a player can teleport their entire party to any aetheryte crystal location they have already visited. When one party member uses the Teleport option, a confirmation button will be sent to all other members, allowing them to decide whether or not they also wish to be teleported. The amount of anima required for teleportation will vary based on the distance to your destination.

Please note, both the Return and Teleport options can only be used when in passive mode. Anima recovers gradually over time up to a maximum of 100 points.

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