FFXIV Classes Guide

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The info that can be found about all the classes (disciples) in Final Fantasy XIV is vague at best. Even our pages dedicated to FFXIV classes don’t contain nearly as much information as many players would like or need, so what else is there?

I’ve read countless blogs, forums and fansites and finding specific class info is almost impossible. There’s a few tidbits of info found here and there, but the only resource which brought it all together and has unique and insiders perspective is Killerguides FFXIV Class Guide. I’ve read the guide and all I can say it’s awesome!

It contains class mechanics, weapons, class recommendations, abilities, skills, battle strategies, quests and more. Pretty much everything you need to know about a class, and they’re all included! It’s without a doubt the best resource I’ve found and I looked everywhere. Although Killerguides strategy and gil guides are sub-standard, their class guides are quality work and I recommend getting them. If you’re looking forĀ  tips and tricks about your favorite class click here and see for yourself why this guide is so valuable.

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