FFXIV Gil Guide

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Gil is one of the most important aspects of Final Fantasy XIV. Having enough money to buy yourself good weapons and armor will help a great deal with leveling, among other things. Not having to worry about gil is one of the reasons why I enjoy FF14 so much, but earning it can be frustrating for many players.

1. (Recommended) Chrono FFXIV Gil Guide

Chrono wrote an extremely detailed and comprehensive strategy guide for FFXIV, and his gil guide is right on track. The quality and amount of content is simply stunning.

The gil tips, tricks and strategies in the guide range from questing, grinding, farming, making gil on the auction, selling and reselling items and more. There’s more than enough tips for whatever way you prefer, but in the end you’ll no doubt have a lot more gil than most other players, and in the same time you can level up! That’s right, the strategies in the guide can be used as early as level 1, so the sooner you start the better you’ll get.

You can find my more detailed review of Chrono guide here.

2. FFXIV Domination Gil Guide

The gil making guide comes as an addition to FFXIV Domination’s leveling guide. Just as the leveling guide, the gil guide in Carl’s Domination guide it’s not as detailed as the one found in Chrono, so as this point I only recommend it as an alternative. Nevertheless, if you wish to check it out read my review here first.

3. Killerguides FFXIV Gil Guide

The Killerguides FFXIV Gil Guide is the first gil-making guide for Final Fantasy 14. It comes from the same author who wrote the Killerguides Strategy Guide, and unfortunately it’s the same quality. Simply put, this guide has less content and less gil making strategies than Chrono guide and I wouldn’t recommend purchasing it.

If you’re still interested in Killerguides gil guide I recommend checking out the official website here.

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