FFXIV Leveling Guide

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The single most important thing for me in MMORPG games is leveling characters. Not because it’s fun, but because it is boring! I did it so many times before and each time it’s definitely not a new experience.

Many games hold your hand and tell you exactly where to find quests and how to complete them. Unfortunately, Final Fantasy 14 is not one of those and more than often you’ll have to search database sites and wikis for information on completing quests. In my opinion that’s not how questing and leveling in a game should look like, so I decided to try it by following a leveling guide.

If you’re looking for the single best resource for leveling in FFXIV I honestly recommend you get Chronos FFXIV leveling guide. I did a quick overview of the most important features and contents in the post linked so be sure to take a look at it. You can download Chronos’ guide here. Chrono guide is also my top rated gil making and strategy guide, and overall it beats other guides in quality by a longshot.

A second guide I recommend as an alternative to Chronos is called FFXIV Domination. I suggest you read my review for a more detailed overview of the guide, but in short it’s not as detailed as Chronos guide is, and neither is FFXIV Secrets guide.

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