Killerguides FFXIV Leveling Guide Review

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I read a lot of guides by Killerguides over the past couple of years, including Warhammer, Aion and several others. I’ve always found them to be the most reliable source for the best game information as their guides contain a huge amount of quality content, and they’re always quick to update it with the latest changes.

The FF XIV leveling/strategy guide they recently published is fortunately not an exception. It’s the most detailed and entirely complete game guide you can get. The author is knowledgeable about the game but he’s not producing much useful information, especially in the leveling guide.

To be honest all I wanted is a leveling guide, and this one is very well done. Leveling in FF14 works a bit differently than in most other games but it’s nevertheless quite intuitive. That’s why having a guide to help you get to the endgame is important in FFXIV, and this one is detailed enough to help you gain a significant advantage over other players. There are a lot of locations for grinding XP listed and it’s much better than what you will find in Chronos leveling guide.

In addition to leveling, this strategy guide contains many more chapters explaining various game aspects such as guildleves, armoury system, items, zones, monsters and many more. While it’s not the reason why I got Killerguides strategy guide in the first place, these other guides are very helpful to have, and just as the rest of the guide it really contain a lot of lesser known secrets you’ll want to know about.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for the absolute best and verified information about FFXIV Killerguides guide is your top choice and you really should give it a shot.

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